ClojureBridge NYC

Our Mission

"ClojureBridge aims to increase diversity within the Clojure community by offering free, beginner-friendly Clojure programming workshops for women." -

Introduce under-represented groups to programming, even if members currently work in non-technical roles.

Our Aim

  1. Teach Clojure basics
  2. Introduce functional programming
  3. Make it fun and safe to learn!
  4. Give workshop participants the resources, a group, and a path to keep learning
  5. Have a party

As a Student

  1. Learn the ClojureBridge curriculum.
  2. Work with fellow students and TAs to build a learning plan.

Reach out to us if you are interested in being a student.

As a Teacher/TA/Mentor

  1. Reflect what it's like to be a beginner again - can be eye opening to our hidden biases.
  2. A chance to learn and support one another.
  3. A chance to become an ally, or at least see things from a different perspective.

What We Need Help With

  1. Teaching and testing beginner, intermediate, and advanced curriculum.
  2. Help promote life-long learning through mentorship.

Reach Out to Us